Thursday, April 28, 2011

Camel back bustin' straws

I cannot do this anymore.
Well, I'll just have to, somehow, but my care factor bucket is at low ebb.

I once promised to never blog about this but honestly....I'm raw, bleeding, hurt, fragile and just wanting to cry.

I stupidly tried to contact my eldest to let her know how sick my Dad was, the last time a couple of months back where I was given a stunningly beautiful mouthful of abuse.

Since then, we've had non-stop prank calls with some immature female screaming swear words at me or silent calls or the one that tapped right into my biggest fear with some so-called 'friend' informing me my child was admitted as a patient to a hospital (did the ring around to make sure given the history of suicide attempts, didn't find her in any hospital).

We've had the non-stop calls (up to 15+ per day) starting with "Hi! You filled in a competition form and requested further information/agreed to partake in a survey/answer a few questions to win....", we haven't, it's in the wrong name, for crap I have no interest in and I can only assume they're yet more pranks.

The calls stopped when I posted about Dad dying.
A few days grace and they've started up with a couple yesterday but with a vengeance again today.

Feral Aspie teen had a few major meltdowns today and, topped off with the crank phone calls we neither need nor deserve, I've unearthed that elusive straw that infamously breaks camels' backs.

I'd like to mourn my Dad, I want to howl my eyes out, curl up into a ball and screech like a banshee until my throat is raw.
But I have to remain cool, calm and collected in case the Feral Aspie teen drops his bundle (more than usual) and misplaces his plot bigtime (like today).

These arsehole calls make it just that little bit harder for me to remain civilised, to play nice with the halfwits running loose out there in society and really....don't we all want to let our inner bitch off the leash and rip some idiot a new one?
Trouble is....that is not me and I'm just so tired of being on the end of this nonsense.


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  2. oh sweetie,
    I feel for you.I really do.
    you need to do......

    massive hugs

  3. blooger is having a wobbly......
    its peskypixies above and here...

    more hugs

  4. Hugs. I'm so sorry you're going through this on top of everything else. If you're being harrassed you can get your number changed, that might help if you only have a few people who need to know it. And if you think the calls are coming from only one or two people the phone company might be able to trace them.

  5. *big hugs* If I am feeling this disgusted and disappointed in the caller, then I can imagine how you would be feeling a bajillion times worse.

    I will say that even with a silent number, I do get one of those survey calls a week, so maybe your number has been given out to a lot of people?

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Devi Xxx

  6. As someone posted on FB - go the whistle. I remember my Dad doing it when my sister died, freaks never rang again.

  7. Jayne: my email address is on my blog. Will give you a landline number.You are allowed to scream, shout, and sob at me. Your choice.

  8. please make sure you ring Telstra or who ever you're with and report these calls. It's illegal. Someone did this to my parents when my Mum was dying, they ended up prosecuting them but of course they never tell you who was making them.

  9. Jayne, am a real person, am 66 years on this planet, in Australia - no bullshit.

  10. Oh Jayne,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are getting prank calls. Do you have caller ID activated on your phone? It makes pranking harder when you can take their number down and report them. Even if you don't you can still report them to your phone provider. let them find out who is making the calls & prosecute them.
    Sending you some love & hugs.

  11. vomitous? Sedgewick .. this is not a joke.

  12. Yes report them.

    While there may be repercussions, the lad needs to know that the world is not all about him. Would this sink in? So, indulge your grief. It is a process we must go through in our own ways. You must do it in your way. In the long run, bottled up grief does no one any good. You might be surprised how well he deals with it.

  13. Seriously, good people. This woman needs to take off her 'wonder woman' persona; and grieve.

    Without your assistance. She knows where she needs to be.

  14. ..and i hope that he's there - for her.

  15. Yes Jayne, I agree with all those who say to report the calls. You don't have to suffer this kind of abuse. And if reporting them doesn't stop it, do you have such a thing as a confidential number over there? You could change it and not have it listed in any directory? Just give it to who you want? (Hugs)

  16. Get an answering machine and simply do not answer your phone. Here, the junk callers will not leave a message, and if I never answer, they do not call.

    You love your children, but do NOT do this to yourself again. I'm drawing the same line, and it kills me, but I cannot allow that chaos to drip from her life into my own. I simply cannot stand it again. I feel guilty as heck.

  17. Unplug the phone or get an answering machine. I'm sure your boy will understand if you let loose and cry. After all, he's feeling it too, (meltdowns). You could cry together and then talk about the feelings. Maybe avert another meltdown this way.

  18. What the friggin' Hell is wrong with some people! The ought to leave off and get something useful to do in their life!
    Hugs Ro, Steve and D'Arcy xoxo

  19. Hi Jayne - yes I agree with the above - private number, caller ID, whistles etc. Mostly I think screening with Message Bank or an answering machine would do it - just don't give them the satisfaction of answering and get your nearest and dearest to use your mobile. Hugs to you.

  20. Nikki aka Widdle ShamrockMay 2, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    Well I hope that the disgusting people inflicting this abuse upon you are reading this and realise what a scummy thing to do this has been.

    If they are: Hope you are mighty proud of yourself.

    Huge HUGE hugs my friend to the three of you. May you find a quiet place amid the chaos to reflect and grieve the passing of your loved father.