Sunday, April 17, 2011

History stuff you'll never find in the National Library...really, you won't!

Now, as this blog is supposed to be about history I better share some with you.

*Some are factual...some are completely the work of an unreliable brain going on vacation without's up to you to pick which is which.

  • I never really took to Sesame Street as it had replaced Adventure Island. I still miss Mrs Flower Potts and Clown.
  • Aspie Feral child keeps telling me H.R Pufnstuf was only a man in a dragon suit. Totally shattered my world.
  • I have Magic Roundabout books from when I was little. Dougall was a lovely puppy dog.
  • I still love the claymation series Trap Door. Cos I'm weird like that.
  • Aspie child knows all about history but his dreadful mother hasn't yet got around to showing him the video clip for Star Trekkin' by The Firm. Tsk,tsk,tsk.
  • Danger Mouse; how many of us would prefer to vote for him as PM over any other candidate?
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was rumoured to be an apartment living, latte swilling, clubber who preferred Joeys in St Kilda and who staggered straight from the dance floor to the film set most days.
  • We often wondered if Duckula was the REAL, unmedicated dark side of Daffy Duck. Rabbit season!
  • Spike and Angel make better vampires than the pale sparkly fairies of Sunset/ Dusk/ Late Evening whatever that series is called.
  • Cold Comfort Farm has given us the saying "I saw something nasty in the woodshed" while last night's ep of Midsomer Murders gave us "It were writ!". You may borrow either.
  • I vote for Stephen Fry to voice whatever next animated series passes the cartoonists desk...even if it's a dark, goth horror sci-fi.
  • I have nfi what The Nightgarden was all about but I want whatever the programmers were on.
  • The Royal Wedding is the best work of fiction for 2011. 3 stars.
  • Cookie Monster does not have sticks controlling his arms. No, he does not. La la la la la I can't hear you.


  1. My father loved Count Duckula, I have his videos. Hated Danger Mouse.
    Yum for Angel, best vamp ever. Trap Door one of my secret vices along with Shaun the Sheep and Miniscule.

  2. Heck what are you trying to do to us oldies here....Duck Season..Rabbit Season..Duck Season ...Rabbit Season...they pause then eye up Elmer Fudd...."No It's Elmer Season!"

    Yeah...I still love Road Runner ..favourite scene of all time. The anvil falling on Wile E. Coyote and the aftermath of the coyote walking around snout drooping..still in the shap of the anvil and flat as a pancake hah hah hah

    Amyway better go away now and get back under my Magic Roundabout before Zebbity catches me

  3. PS Cookie Monster's arms are really controlled by FART GAS

  4. Oh gawd I love Trap Door, and as for Danger Mouse... why is that not on TV anymore???

    Give me Spike and (evil) Angel over stupid, diamond shining emo vampires any day of the week... hello salty goodness! May be the best line Cordelia ever uttered in Buffy!

  5. You haven't shown him Stra Trekkin'?? Tsk Tsk indeed!

    Spike and Angel were the best vampires, but evil soulless Angel had the edge on wimpy soulful Angel.
    (Cordelia had a couple of other great lines besides the hello salty goodness)

    Cookie monster was one of the best characters on Sesame Street.

  6. Cordelia had a couple of other 'great lines' .. no, wait.. she also had problems with fathers .. shhessh, must be showing my age. Not t' worry ..'all's well that ends well' (hopefully).