Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letting the inner BITCH off the leash but you can get a collar for another dog....MEOW!

So, yeah, I'm doing the whole Ranty McRanty over that stupid bint that calls herself a comedian with her crappy 'observations' that those with Aspergers are 'fucked up'.
Yeah, thanks for that, Denise.
It was so fucking good of you to fucking encapsulate the whole fucking medical profession, decades of fucking research, therapies and testing that fucking millions of people, parents, specialists and carers go through every fucking day into one little shitty throw away line for the ignorant fucked up fuckwits on the street.
Oh, sorry?
You didn't hear her fucked up shit-worthy drivel?
Let me give you a link to it HERE.

Amazingly, the Aspie teen overheard her vomiting her purile shit-infested prattle and Did.Not.Lose.The.Plot.
He remained calm, angry yes, but calm.
Then he launched into a real, proper Tourette's-powered swearing tirade at the brain-dead cow.
Thank you, Denise, we were so looking forward to that fucking landmark moment in his life, we simply fucking can't begin to tell you how fucking impressed we are with your help.
No, really, fucking thanks.

Thank you for opening your stupid, juvenile fucked up fat gob and letting out the secret that your fucked up brain has stalled at the age of 15, that you think your audience is a pack of hormone-raging fucked up  dipshit teenagers ready to laugh at those with a disability...sorry, not a disability according to your fucking fucked up brain , they're just "fucked up".

Once more, fucking thanks for managing to break down so many families' pain and struggles into two little fucking words most dropkick dickheads will have branded into their tiny, itty-bitty brains to repeat ad infinitum whenever someone makes the silly mistake of confiding their pain, struggle, fear and exhaustion of a family member on the autistic spectrum.

Now, fuck off back under the bloody rock you crawled out from and think up a suitable fucking apology to millions who live life in the real fucking world, sunshine.


  1. I hear, ya. Cheap shot, that's for sure.

  2. Another stand-up "comedian" who can't do real jokes so falls back on this type of drivel. Like others who can't do real jokes so use a gazillion swear words to get laughs.

  3. I heard her say that and instantly winced. Knowing a few people with Asbergers and coeliacs, I didn't find it at all funny.

  4. I agree some comedians haven't a clue what comedy is all about. Bring back slap stick comedy which is the best at least you get a belly laugh without the swear words :-).

  5. I agree with Windsmoke. Bring back slapstick. Ms Scott is now persona non grata for me.