Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pearly Whites and Pearly Gates

I have something in my eye.

His dentures came out for the final time yesterday; actually the ONLY time his dentures were ever out of his mouth was when he was cleaning them - he lived, slept, breathed and, yes, even fractured his skull with his dentures smiling from his gob.

Yesterday they were swimming around in his mouth, far too big for the shrunken gums.
Reminded me of overhearing Mum yabbering on the phone back in '74 that, after falling from a second storey roof (and fracturing his noggin), a workmate had pulled his dentures out of the back of his throat to get him breathing again.
I shoved that old pair of teeths aside in the little-used tooth mug to make room for his newer ones.
The ones he doesn't need anymore.

The radio beside his bed is playing Mull of Kintyre.

Damn, there's something in my eye, again.


  1. There must be something going there is something in my eye too.


  2. Bagpipes always set me off.

    Hang in there, we're all hanging with you.

  3. What the Coppertop said - and then some.

  4. *hugs and more hugs*
    Parents never really stop being giants in our eyes, it is such a difficult thing to watch this time.
    I've said it before and I'll just keep saying it, you are the Daughter of Awesomeness and your Dad couldn't ask for any better care and love than you are giving him right now.
    Doesn't make it suck any less. *More hugs*

  5. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong always sets my water works flowing, hang in there and be strong :-).

  6. Gosh Darn It All... something just flew into my eye too...

    'Leave Him Out There in The Long Yard' is the one that gets me - totally for my own dad.

    Hugs darl.
    Look after yourself.


  7. Love from the GOFA and myself. Mull of Kintyre is lovely. X

  8. {{{hugs}}}
    and more {{hugs}}}

    I love the Mull of Kintyre

  9. Hi Jayne - I'm back from my trip and I'm sorry to be catching up with your news. Sending hugs.

  10. Much love to you and the family xo

  11. Love and hugs from here as well.

  12. I think my eyes are infected, they keep overflowing.

    Thinking of you and yours. xx


  13. Allergies. It's just my allergies.

    Hang in there.

  14. The world is full of people with something in their eye, apparently. And now I've caught it too.

    There is something about being at the side of the dying. You feel as if you are on a precipice too. It's a hard thing, but it is the last gift that you can give him...your presence. I'm sure that the kernal of him that remains appreciates it deeply.

    Lots of hugs sent your way, Jayne. I'm sorry.


  15. I was going to try to write something useful ... somethign poetic .... something that comes from my grieving heart to yours...
    ... but Debby said it all.
    Being There is BIG.
    You were there.
    For so long.
    Working so hard.
    Loving so much.
    and that's a wonderful thing.
    Big Hugs to you.

  16. Pharck! My eyes need to be taken out like dentures now too.

    Let me try that again. Nicely and with a bit more maturity this time - Mull of Kintyre is one of my most favourite songs and I am sending my sympathy and admiration your way. Everyone else who has commented before me has said it far better than I'm capable of. K xo