Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smile at the plumber, you never know where it might lead to...

Dear Dad,

My cousins, who are a whole generation older than me, are sharing so many tales of your daring-do I'm hearing about other sides to you, the younger you.
I was doing ok until my cousin called from Ireland and left me blubbing when he shared with me that it was because of you that he sought the work he did; helping you in plumbing down at Werribee awoke the love of working outdoors within him.

Working with you gave him the preference for black tea with sugar which is what you shared on many building sites at morning and arvo tea.
Plus the bitter lemon soft drink and counter meals at the pub for lunch.

He got to pursue and realise his dream of working out doors, and in a roundabout way I think a great many workers, jockeys, punters, trainers, race goers, fashion-show-ponies, Big Name Celebs and economies of small countries have you to thank, Dad.
You see, my cousin has found many winners over the years and was the one who spied the potential in a little-known nag who came out of nowhere to win the 2010 Melbourne Cup, Americain.

So, Dad, you're that tradie who dug ditches by hand and slopped about in other people's shit, who fitted roofs, gas heaters, hot water services, who unblocked a fair few dunnys in his time, who set off to work before sun up and who came home long after sunset.... and who lit a spark in a beloved nephew which has had ongoing ripples around the world.

Love ya, Dad, you cheeky bugger.


  1. never underestimate the plumber .. heh.

  2. It's so good you are getting these stories, write them down, write them down! *hugs*

  3. Agree with Devi - which is of course, exactly what you are doing! Hugs to you all.

  4. great that your cousins are sharing stories with you, giving you a new perspective of your dad. What is the bitter lemon drink? Is that a lemon lime and bitter?

  5. Damn Ro, makin' me blubber too!

  6. I'm glad you're sharing these stories with us too, it's always nice to hear the good side of people. Your dad sounds like everyone liked him.

  7. It's good to have great memories when sadness is all around.
    Love your letter !
    No 'cracks' were mentioned ?

  8. A heart felt tale. Plumbers certainly have a reason to be respected, if it wasn't for them we would be in deep shit.

    Cheers to the men and women who try to achieve pipe perfection.