Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you to He Who Deals With The Most Crap

I'd just like to say a very public thank you to my hubby.
He has shouldered some really tough work over the past few years, most recently involving dealing with my Dad and his incontinence, feeding issues, bodily fluids and general gunky stuff most of you would run a mile from.
That's not something to be ashamed of for any of you - some of these things are completely revolting.

But my hubby is a brick.

He cleans up crap (literally), vomit, washes things that smell like they've been dragged through a kitty litter box, vitamises food, wipes my Dad's chin/bum, smooths cream on Dad's sit-upon (that's backside to you and I), changes his clothing, helps lift/change his position, buys clothing more appropriate (tops without buttons, easy pull up pants, nightwear without pressure-causing seams, etc), restocks bathroom and toilet with gloves, creams, wet wipes, is ready at a moments notice to help do some crappy job and even puts his own heaving stomach second while dealing with something else.

He has been a blessing from whatever Goddess was watching over us and deserves a freaking medal.


  1. Wow. Just amazing.

    I can identify with a lot of this crap, quite literally. (Sick mother.)

    I am trying to imagine if I could ever hope my husband would cope with this. He could not.

    That your husband does is a mark of the man he is.

  2. My ex would never have coped but then he was a product of his father and I will never forget his treatment of my mother-in-law. He never let her illness or pain interfer with his travel plans.

    We do what we have to do because we can or we learn how to. For the wusses, the bus leaves anytime from now.

  3. Your hubby is a keeper, that's for sure. I don't know anyone who would pitch in and help to the extent he has, unless they really, really had to.

  4. Give him a hug from me. He has the courage and compassion to do what many can't.

  5. You both deserve a medal (from a lurker who feels overwhelmed at what you're going through). I've struggled to comment because I honestly didn't know what words I could decently offer.

    Will a cyber hug do?

  6. Awesome hubby you have there and I hope he reads this post too. The both of you deserve medals in my opinion. whilst I recognize that it should be a given that we look after our parents, some would have given up when the going got tough ages ago.

    Heck you mean Pufnstuff was a man in a suit??? well it seems like I was the last person to discover this gem. :-P

    I didn't like Sesame street growing up, it did my head in lol.

  7. Ah, very little can overcome "Teamwork". Give him a hug from me (if that makes sense, coming from a bloke).