Monday, April 4, 2011

Things what peoples said and done on April 4 in Oz history

Last week of the school term before hols start at 2pm on Friday...but who's counting...?
We're hoping to run away to the heritage weekend excitments.
Yeah, yeah, a day out at the wool shop is a Big Thing to me, too :P

Don't know what they were doing in South Cottesloe back in 1965 - well, I'm sure I can imagine - but they were reporting orange UFO lights.
Yep, those bikkies are awfully rich....

Back in 2008 wreck hunters released the first photo of the gun turret of the long sought WW2 ship HMAS Sydney.

10 years after the first effort those in Wickham in Westralia were reporting silver baseball shaped UFOs.
Those bikkies sure get around...

Then Aussie PM Malcolm Fraser announced waaaay back in the dim but-not-so-distant past of 1979 that whaling would end in Aussie waters.

Not to be outdone by those in Westralia, Ronald Sullivan discovered a UFO landing site near Bealiba, Victoria in 1966 when his car headlight beams were bent.
Nope, not touching it with a barge pole...

Back in 1848 Lugwig Leichardt was never seen again after this date.
Because the Mothership had returned for him....?


  1. Hilarious Jayne!!!! The old bent beam, eh? Love it.

    If you feel like some spring/autumn cleaning today, you can take down my calendar button - sold out now! Thanks heaps.


  2. Thanks, BB.
    Done and congrats on selling all your wares :)

  3. Whoa! Spooky!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!

  4. do do do do do do do do (doesn't sound the same typed, does it?)

    Very spooky day.