Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brick by Brick Project For Historic Dunolly Town Hall and Court House

The brick work of both the Dunolly Town Hall and the Court House, particularly the Court House is in urgent need of repair.

Similar to this brick (from another nearby building)

The objectives of the Brick by Brick project are:
To raise funds to repair the brick work and associated plaster, paint and roofing work
To raise the profile of the buildings and so encourage their use by business and organisations beyond the immediate community

The project invites donors to purchase a brick. The bricks are gold $100, silver $75and bronze $25. Each sponsor will receive a certificate and have their name placed on a plaque. The Committee is seeking donations from the immediate community and beyond. Support from the legal fraternity and the National Trust is being sought.

If you wish to donate or know someone who may wish to be a sponsor please contact the President or Secretary. Donations can be sent to PO Box 128, Dunolly Vic 3472


  1. Donations for the Dunolly restoration really need a website where you can pay online.

  2. I like how the community is fund raising.....

  3. I agree with Andrew, and I would like to place my Pa's name on one of those there plaques :) He loved Dunolly and surrounds :)

  4. It's a good cause, but I'll have to pass. I'm having similar trouble with my home. The bricks are fine, but the mortar is becoming dust in a couple of areas. I should probably tell the property manager. Soon.

  5. Well! Pilchard was just reading about Dunnolly's killer bakery - is this the same Dunnolly?? If so, we're THERE (well, as soon as we can fit in a visit!!) - and check out the brick thing too!

  6. My timber hacienda is rotting, I tried a campaign around here: "Buy a weatherboard". No response. I think they want me to move.