Monday, May 2, 2011

Katy Perry,Dinner with Royals,West Australia died and other events on May 2 in Oz history

Rejoice, dear reader, for we have survived not only the Royal weeding wedding but the Bogans Logies.
Alas, the Feral teen was disappointed in only 1 song from Katy Perry and is now permanently horrified by the sight of fishnet, but he showed excellent taste by declaring Chrissie Swan the best dressed.

So, West Australian dropped off the perch on this day in 1870.
Go on, click the link, you know you want to know how that is possible.

1941 saw it announced that cars, trucks, motorbikes and broomsticks were being conscripted for the war effort.
If the link doesn't work it's Edmonton Journal (via Google Newspapers) May 2, 1941, page 8...and you'll probably find the ads for the fill-ums to be more entertaining.

Michael Magee was having a pretty crap day when he earned the distinction of being the first bloke to be hanged in South Oz in 1838.
Prime Minister Curtin had a bite to eat and a chinwag with them what live in Buck Palace in 1944.
Oh, and he nattered with other leaders on some little dispute going on around the world.
Again, if the link is dodgy it's the Sydney Morning Herald May 3, 1944, page 3...although the article about the Polish Underground Army on the same page is pretty interesting...

1829 saw Charlie Fremantle kicking his heels, complaining of being bored so his parents told him to go outside to play; he trotted off and ran a flag up the flagpole at the head of the Swan River.
Which was ony slightly better than running his mother's bloomers up the mast in place of the sails.


  1. Some fancy looking horses there Jayne. My dad was a racecourse gambler. He'd go to the trots on Saturday nights and take me and my brother along. We'd wander through the crowd picking up dropped tickets and money, sometimes coming home with quite a bit of cash. Dad seemed to always pick the wrong horse though, he's been dead eleven years and I think some of his picks might still be ambling along toward the finish line...when he wasn't at the racetrack, he'd be down at the TAB.
    There was one time he put his last ten pounds on a race and came home with 400. The house saw a bit of new furniture and crockery that year and we kids got a whole pound each to spend.

  2. Well, I am a West Aussie and I never knew any of that horsey stuff!