Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pirates in Pinafores! Magicians! UFO sightings! May 3 in Oz

Well, chaps, looks like it's yet another date of su-PREME excitement in history *yawn* but I've managed to trawl through the dross and dregs to find these few semi-precious gems for your passing entertainment.
Gold coin donation not accepted on your way out but a kind kick up the backside will be welcomed.

Legendary pioneer magician and inventor Percy Abbott was hatched in Braidwood in 1886, creating fun and magic around Oz before establishing himself in Colon, Michigan.

Canberra in 1964 and those party animals were reporting seeing UFOs playing aerial ping pong with each other.
Yes, Canberra...that hotbed of excitement and beige tweed.
I've linked to the cached version to make it easier for you to find.

Ladies of Australia & New Zealand rejoice!
For today the news of ether anesthesia reached our far shores via the ship The Lightning in 1847, bringing with it the news that we can all get knocked out whilst in childbirth and wake up to a bouncing squalling babe who looks nothing like the placid ink drawings in those outdated mothercraft booklets the schools handed out as part of sex ed.

Risdon Cove in 1804 was the site of a massacre of a large number of Aboriginal persons, some state between 300-600, with a couple of historians disputing the facts despite well-documented eye witness accounts.

Unauthorised piracy abounded in 1879 when HMS Pinafore opened at the Sydney School of Arts.


  1. Colons and anasthesia *shakes head wonderingly* - I always have a good time reading your blog. ;-)

  2. Speaking of Tasmanian Aborigines, worth checking out this year's Vogel book award.

  3. UFOs in Canberra? That can't be right ... it'd be almost too exciting!! Who did they leave behind, I wonder??