Wednesday, May 4, 2011

War, Sport, Car Racing, Zepplins, May 4 in Oz = it's your shout.

Ye gads, have trawled through the drek and, having come out the other side stinking to high heaven of Eau de Ennui I think you all owe me a drink for today's efforts.
Oh, yes you do.
Let's see.....
sport ...
Here we are!
1917 and a Zepplin dropped a shedload of shite on HMAS Sydney.
Here's a painting we prepared earlier.

1935 saw those speed-demons getting all flustered and excited when the very first Australian Midget Auto Racing Championship was held at Melbourne's Olympic Park.

Oh, can't you feel the thrills running up your spine when I whisper in your shell-like ear that ink and paper were produced for the first time in Oz on this date in 1868?
If you keep snoring like that I shall poke you with something sharp.

It was a dark and stormy night...oh, now that woke you up!

The General Grant (a ship not an army person!) sailed out of Melbourne to London in 1866 (why they couldn't enjoy the sightseeing here I don't know, the weather's nicer for one thing and you get those dinky umbrellas in your cocktails...) but it sort of crunched into cliffs on the Auckland Islands and it was tears before bedtime.

AAMI Stadium in Sth Oz saw it's first bit 'o' flesh action in 1974 when Central District and North Adelaide had at it.

That banned know, the one they held a trial over...and then banned the book of the trial itself...full of sex...the book, not the trial...something to do with a green thumb..anyway, the author, (who hadn't penned his adult book yet) DH Lawrence rocked up to Fremantle in 1922.

1942...Battle of The Coral Sea.


  1. blooming heck that trip on the General Grant was a disaster and in
    the end only 10 survivors from the original 15 and they had to wait so long to be rescued. Wouldn't hindsight have been handy back then lol, mind you its handy anytime lol

  2. Zeppelins, midget auto racing(!), flesh action, banned books - who says life in OZ isn't exciting!!