Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For curry farts....Creamy Beef Curry with vegies

  • Take one dead cow.
  • Cube the meat (as much as you want), sautee in pot with 1 diced onion (or more if you want to have a really good cry).
  • Throw in, to taste, curry powder, cayenne pepper, garam masala, coriander, ground ginger, cracked people pepper, minced garlic (go on, be generous, you know you've always wanted to rip the lining out of your mouth...).
  • Dice pumpkin, carrot, marrows, parsnip, chuck in a handful of spinach leaves, finely chop the broccoli then toss in with a triple axle twist and a flick of your wrist.
  • Please don't indulge in your purple carrot or beetroot fetish with this dish as you'll end up with something that looks like it's from Silence of The Lambs.
  • Fill pot with coconut milk, stir, bring to the boil, let simmer for 30 mins then turn off the heat and let sit with the lid on as it will continue to cook (and let you get on with building the yacht in the backyard).
  • Serve on a bed of fluffy rice you boiled to death in chicken stock, garnish with finely chopped parsley and spring onions.
  • Have fire extinguishers on stand-by.
*No photo available as it is currently evidence in a trial....


  1. Tripple axel twist...LOL Inspired by this lovely Ice skating weather?

    Sounds Yum!

  2. must try boiling rice in chicken stock, always been boring and boiled it in plain water.

    So was the comment of no photo about the curry itself or your techni coloured farts lol

  3. Mmmmm, curry. I'll have to try this one, but not until the next long weekend, so my belly has time to recover.
    I have a really old Lamb Curry recipe that states:
    "Curry is always prepared on a Tuesday for eating on Wednesday. For some reason or other it does not taste the same on other days".
    From memory the first mouthful isn't so bad, but by the time you've swallowed it your mouth is on fire.

  4. Ooops, that statement above is actually on the beef curry recipe; just as hot as the lamb one but with different ingredients.

  5. A whole cow, huh? I don't DARE try this recipe - some people I'd feed it to have quite enough trouble with farts as it is!!!

  6. Dead cows a possibly plentiful and cheap at the moment, or soon will be.

  7. I heard that most of the beef exports to Indonesia are old worn out cows and bulls which have lost their spark, plus water buffalo.

    Today on a bed of 5 min M/W rice. Diced chook thighs, mushroms chopped bacon, celery,leeks, onion, carrot, turnip, Swede, Ch/oxo (No garlic)but heaped teaspoonful of Keens curry powder.
    Water, 15 mins in !,000 watt M/W add and mix Gr/powder cook further ten mins.

    Don't go to bed too early.

  8. I meant to add make sure the cow hasn't been dead too long.