Friday, July 22, 2011

History things wot happened on July 22

Goodness the weather is almost becoming civilised, one mmight be tempted to think that Spring could be around the corner.
But the chill wind will keep up for awhile.
As will the chilli wind in this quarter....

King George VI offically unveiled the Villers-Bretonneux Australian Memorial in 1938.
Just in time for the Second World War.

The Royal New Zealand Navy's first ANZAC-class frigate, the Te Kaha, was launched in Melbourne in 1995.
More class than those silly Collins class subs that clank about the oceans.

1917 and 4 Aussie army nurses were caught in a bombing raid on the Western Front.
The unsung heroes so often overlooked in war.

Some biliously vile mongrel tosser coward, hiding behind the pseudonym of "Physicus", regurgitated a steaming pile of horse shit in a newspaper editorial on the "Means of Disappearance" of the "Half-Caste" in 1933.
Tips on how to breed Blue Andalusians and how, through selective breeding, to "stamp out the black colour".

And on that revolting note I'll leave you to go shower and cleanse yourself after rubbing up against such rubbish....almost like you've gone dumpster diving.


  1. And unfortunately Physicus bred, and his offspring and their offspring are the people talking trash about our asylum seekers.

  2. Pity we haven't bred them out, EC.

  3. What is a Blue Andalusian?
    It sounds like it should be a breed of cattle.

  4. jayne, working on it .. um, studying sperm, nup, they all look a bit pallid. must go to a laboratory and see if i can create rainbow ones. ..