Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15 dribbles and tattle from the pages of history

Another day and another pile of odd tidbits from Oz history.
Or you could weed the garden.
I hear the chickweed is awfully populous at this time of year....

1965 and the season of Free Love saw even hardened straight blokes scratching their heads at reported sightings of mysterious objects floating/dipping/waltzing/zipping and tango-ing up the airspace in both Canberra and Melbourne.

For those hankering for 'the good old days' cast your baby blues over this tale from The Bay of Plenty Times in 1903 where the water famine in Broken Hill resulted in 27 trains to haul the much-needed wet stuff up from South Oz.

1891 The Otago Times reported that an avalanche of 50 acres of earth cascaded down the side of a hill in the Dandenong Ranges, engulfing one house and a single woman.
No one was harmed in the rumbling of this patch of dirt.

1881 The Taranaki Herald gossiped that a mutiny had broken out on a ship which was forced to put into port at Adelaide.
SA beer or mutiny....the choice is so hard....

100 years after the mutiny the Oz public got it's "awww" moment when this painting of the Hairy Nosed Wombat (otherwise known as my husband) was printed on Oz stamps.

The Wanganui Herald shouted in 1904 that the ship The Australia was ablaze in Melbourne and was described as 'a grand sight'. *ahem*

And I'm getting all excited over this fab recipe for a homemade polymer clay.


  1. LOVE hairy nosed wombat. Megathanks.

  2. Fantastic hairy nosed wombat :-).

  3. Welcome back to blogging, just catching up on google reader. Eeeeks at the gallbladder, how is the vege lifestyle going? Can't say the fungus does it for me either. Glad Feral Aspie kid is settling back into home. Whoo hoo for ya history posts making a reappearance.

  4. No worries, EC and Windsmoke :)

    Thanks, Janine!