Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16 history babble

Well, here we are again, this is getting to be a habit!
Miserably cold day, parked in the lounge by the heater with another crocheted rug in progress.
Which the animals heartily approve of, with dogs and cats fighting for lap space.

In 1847 the good ship Rattlesnake slithered into port at Sydney to float about Queensland doing a scientific survey and some charting bizzo.

In 1910 John Duigan had nothing better to do so he built an aeroplane and flew it on this day on his parents property in Victoria.
Most people give their kids a model aeroplane to build...

In 1889 The West Coast Times shared the chatter about silver found at Broken Hill and how the Maoris whooped Toowoomba at footy 16 points to nil.
I said nil.
Waddyamean you can't hear me?
I said NIL!
Might help if you removed your fingers from your ears and stop singing "La la la la la"

And now, I bid you au revoir while I wave the crochet hook madly about like a rabid orchestra conducter.


  1. My mum used to crochet rugs in footy team colours and sell them to eke out her pension. Did quite well from it too.

  2. It's even raining up here in sunny Townsville ... but no rugs required for 23 degrees!!

    Love the plane story - I bet it was a) pre-TV and b) when people made their own fun ...

  3. Sounds like a good idea, River!

    Supposed to be the dry season up there, Red!
    And, yes to both lol ;)

  4. Oi you forgot me. 85 Yesterday.July 16.
    And 19 the day first Atom bomb exploded in the New Mexico Desert...
    July 16, 622. Mohammed fled from Mecca to Medina(commencement of the Islanic calendar)
    Pity his magic carpet didn't crash.