Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17 history trivia and trash

Imagine...I got myself organised to schedule this ahead of time so I'm actually on time with this post.
Of sorts.
Never mind.

In 1843 the Moreton Bay Race Club had a stonking great idea to hold the very first Brisbane Town Plate race on this day at Coopers Plains.
Cos they hadn't started a rugby club, maybe?

The stork dropped off Therese Rein....wife of Kevin Rudd (remember him? PM for 2 nanoseconds? Chickbabe with the big smile? Yes her) 1958.

1944 saw the Ern Malley hoax hit the headlines and covers of the leadings newspapers and journals everywhere.
They nearly wet themselves.
I've got a rare Lawson poem to sell you....

Rose Summerfield, radical Oz feminist, gave her most noted lecture on this day in 1892.
Yes, probably more radical than Germaine.

Hyde Park was the scene of the crime when the first rugby match in Oz took place in 1865.
Drat them.
Men playing with balls.
Couldn't they go watch a horse race...?

Bill Wallace, murderer, finally got free of J Ward/Ararat County Gaol after 64 years.
When he fell off the perch.
Well....he was almost 108.

And there you have it...more history babble from the bowels of who knows where I get this stuff but I'm never following that damn White Rabbit down a random hole ever again.
The dry cleaning bill was a biatch!


  1. That Gaol is damn spooky to tour through!

  2. I haven't been through it yet but I've heard plenty say it's eerie and spooky!

  3. "Men playing with balls".
    Ha Ha
    Men have been doing that since the dawn of time.
    And that wasn't enough for them, they had to go and invent games which used other balls, football, golf, tennis.

  4. Pocket billiards springs to mind, River lol