Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19 And shoots and....doesn't score as it hits the rim and dribbles off sadly to the out of bounds

No basketball playing for moi, we shall avoid ball sports and team sports.
The thing with the vision impairment makes contact sport a bit more contact than is necessary, if ya know what I mean.
The day they make Draughts an Olympic sport I'll be in like a shot!

For those hoofers who lurve the stage 1947 saw the opening of the stage musical Annie Get Your Gun at His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne.
Note the changing gender of the theatre...poor darl can't quite make up it's mind whether it's a King or a Queen...!

1873 and Uluru was sitting in the sun, minding its own business when William Gosse eyeballed in a lasivious way and declared it to be Ayres Rock.
Hmph, rock my arse.
Try skipping that fecker over a pond, I dare ya!

The original Boer War Memorial in Lismore was the scene of a commemoration during peace celebrations in 1919 as a Lancer stood atop it.

The world's first skyjacking took place on ths day in 1960 over Brisvegas.
Not something to write home about but Brissy isn't that bad!

Back in 1900 the Hawera & Normanby Star was noting the en masse exit of both Aussies and Kiwis to South Africa.
Once upon a time the media complained when people left, these days they're complaining when people arrive.

For those with a bent in military history this day in 1870 saw the birth of the 7th Field Battery, 3rd Field Regiment.

1965 saw little green men landing their spacecraft on Vaucluse Beach, near Sydney.
Apparently they preferred to fish from their porthole...

And now I must away to prepare the dough for homemade pizzas to feed the starving feral teen.
Hoo roo!


  1. Home made pizzas? Recipe please. Loved the reference to BrisVegas, and the noting of our different perspectives about new arrivals. Thanks.

  2. No worries, EC ;)

    I'll post the recipe soon-ish :)

  3. Snap!
    I have a pizza in front of me right now. Not homemade though. Oven-baked frozen.

    My son was a master at circling the rim and then dropping it through. Score! He loved basketball. Still does, but he doesn't play anymore.

  4. I don't care for team sports either. On the other hand, ball sports.......