Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20 babble, babble, babble...

 Having an exciting time of it now the kids are back at school?
Mine's still here, pottering about under my feet, doing stuffs.
Although I can scare him off with offers to teach him how to cook...

Despite being cited for conspicuous gallantry Aussie Captain John Mitchel died in 1864 while fighting for the Confederacy in the American Cival War.
Many Aussies and Kiwis fought in this war, proving the savagery of war is an equal opportunity slaughterer.

Lovely gentleman Sir Edmund Hillary was dropped off by the stork on this day in 1919.
The fact he said he wasn't a happy teenager gives parents of feral teens everywhere hope!

Sisters were doin' it for themselves when the Women's Suffrage League of South Oz was pupped in 1888.
That's when we started to Run The World, Girls...

At the end of the 1916 Battle of Fromelles the Aussies counted up and found they'd managed to 'lose' 5,333 young men in just 27 hours.

1842 and Sydney was outed as Australia's first City!
Or so those history books printed north of the Victorian border would have us believe.

The Taranaki Herald tattled that in 1901 some bloke must have got such shocking bar service that he entered the bar of His Majesty's Theatre in Sydney and shot at the barmaid.
These days we encourage patrons to leave a complaint in writing...

Annnnnd away I go back to the crochet hook and tangled yarn the cats have managed to sculpt into a toy.


  1. I enjoyed reading about Ed, thanks for that wee link. I had a wee catch up read on your other posts too. So what are you creating on your crochet hook besides entertainment for the cats?

  2. LOL Thanks, Janine, I'm just making sensory rugs - fluffy textures of varying shapes and colours :)

  3. Girls have been running the world since 1888??
    Why didn't somebody tell me? I'm still kowtowing and bootlicking along with the rest of the uninformed.
    Of course I'll stop immediately.
    Wonder what it feels like to get fired?

  4. LOL River, wear boots and carry a big whip ;)

  5. The Stork fairy tale question, 'Who bonks the stork'? was answered with a thick ear from my teacher.

    Oh! and it is my mothers departure day today,20th July,
    Old age and obesity was the final conclusion, her 86th birthday followed the next day.
    But that was in 83.
    She had her misgivings but deep down she commanded my respect, unlike others whom I only read or heard about who were unaware I existed.

  6. Personally, if I get bad service somewhere, I simply leave a less generous tip...although we went out to eat, and our waitress was harried and inattentive. However, I noticed her interacting with a group of mentally challenged adults, and she was kind and patient. I noticed her interacting with an elderly man sitting alone, and he responded enough that I began to wonder if he'd had any interaction with others at all that day. She was everywhere, and talking away. That girl got a big tip although she never once asked me if I'd like a refill on my iced tea, and it took forever to get Tim's piece of pie, and then she seemingly forgot that she'd not given us the bill...

  7. I'm sorry to hear that, Vest, I hope you can enjoy happy memories of your mum :)

    She sounds like a lovely waitress to have, Debby, giving TLC where's it's needed and Total Lack of Care to the rest lol ;)

  8. Thank Gawd for Sir Edmund Hillary eh? Now we won't go crazy right? lol