Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21 More stuffs

The history just keeps on dribbling along, never ending, waaaaaay back into the dim distant past....
Kinda like housework.
I could be here for awhile.

In 1983 the chilliest temperature on Earth was recorded, between chattering teeth and frostbite nibbling at the toes, at Vostok Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

The Grey River Argus trumpeted *in deep booming voice* that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Wheelmen approved of the New Zealand League joining in on the fun with the Australasian League.
Fear not!
The League of Wheelmen was those mad, bad characters who embraced that not-so-fleeting craze of bicycles.

The Australian Rostrum Club was pupped on this day in 1930.
A branch of the same club founded in Manchester, England, on this day in 1923.
Cos I reckon they like this date.

I skimmed over the mentions of cricket, cricket, and more cricket throughout the decades.
I look after my readers like that *snort*


  1. funny how the history lark keeps on going and going...but I would prefer reading that compared to the alternative of at the cycle boys combining forces so to speak....imagine if there was a bridge between OZ and NZ that would be one long road trip and bike ride....

  2. Good to see you back! Haven't heard you snort for a while.

  3. LOL I reckon the bridge between New Zealand and the West Island would be shorter than travelling from Melbourne to Perth.
    Build that bridge yesterday, I say!

    Thanks, Scott :)

  4. The Antarctic has the chilliest temperature on earth? I'd like to challenge that with my current living room temperature. If I put on one more layer I'll be rolling around instead of walking. There's ice in our air here.

  5. I'll second that, River!
    Except with the Melbourne air being chilly lol.