Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24 notes on a land...

Ok the winter cold has turned my toes blue to the point I think my sheepskin moccies are welded to my feet.
Even the dog is hogging the hot water bottle in bed.
Refuses to budge off the hot spot, tucked in between 3 blankies on top and 2 underneath.
She likes her warmth.

Not one to be left out when a good time was to be had when Oz got Federated in 1901 apparently so did the Presbyterian Church when they got together to have a proper knees up and became the Presbyterian Church if Australia.

Tiger Moths - the aeroplane, not the freaky looking insect hybrid Igor cooked up in the lab - were first built in Oz on this day in 1940.

Fear not for the snail mail!
The Wanganui Chronical assured readers in 1905 that the Japanese-Australian mail service would resume immediately.
For email.

The Otago Witness reported in 1909 that Australia would probably announce compulsory military training for lads up to 18 yrs and possibly 21 yrs.
See what happens when you don't go outside to play footy or cricket like your parents tell you?!


  1. um, not here to dispute references to"history" since now have faltering memory, and struggling with "new tehnology", but am interested in "flight"
    might point out that there is some dispute about who, actually, achieved the first "heavier than air powered" aeroplane. methinks it was some bloke in New Zealand, not the "Wright Bros" .. but hey, who can stand in the way of 'agresssive marketing'?

  2. Great! Now I've got a disturbing mental image of Igor's Tiger Moths in flight ... an experience I wouldn't have had if either of us had gone out to play f or c ...