Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25 ....with extra Blondin!

Another day and another pile of odd spots I've plucked from the bajillions of websites.
Just to titilate your funny...bone...maybe?

After tripping gaily across the Fair Isle of Oz explorer John Stuart whipped another flag up the pole at Van Diemen Gulf in 1862.

The Grey River Argus reported in 1880 that some silly bugger let the green eyed monster get him by the goolies and shot several people, himself included, in the Opera House (original Princess Theatre)  in Melbourne.

The Father of Federation, Sir Henry Parkes, washed up on our shores via a ship in 1839.

The Great Blondin, tightrope/trapeze walker extraordinaire, popped up in Oz in Brisvegas in 1874 before schlepping down to Sydney to wow the great unwashed masses.

Think of it as keeping me occupied and out of trouble...


  1. Insert joke about an "extra blond in" here. Guffaw!

  2. Fantastic history lessons keep 'em coming :-).

  3. LOL Scott.

    Thanks, Windsmoke :)

  4. Blondin is that bloke who walked across Niagara Falls without a net, right?
    I remember hearing about him in school and one kid called from the back desk "Annette who?" Because of him we got an extra history lesson, which was fine by me.

  5. Ha! Think of it as keeping ME occupied and out of trouble!! So Blondin made it to OZ, huh? I guess the modern day equivalent is Michael Flatley ...

  6. That's the one, River!

    Yep, Red, he tripped and danced over that high wire like Michael Flatley :)