Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27 complete with jocks, bombs and secret societies

A little something something to keep you occupied while you wait for your bus/train/segway to transport you to work/home/inter-planetry travel.

The Chinese settlers in the Northern Territory were most anxious, as the Otago Daily Times stated in 1891, to have a law passed to suppress secret societies.

Larry Petrie , Oz's own home grown anarchist revolutionary *ho hum* managed to detonate one of his bombs and 're-decorated' the forecabin of the SS Aramac he was parked on in Moreton Bay in 1893.

Sydney-siders won't be surprised to hear that the Grey River Argus reported heavy rains and storms in their neck of the woods for this day in 1889.

And to top off your day.... Aussie Joel Nathan managed to slip into something more comfortable, like 20 pairs of jocks, inside a minute in 2007.


  1. okay Joel must have looked funny 20 pairs is a lotta undies, however I found it just as interesting reading about the guy Alastair Galpin. What some people will do to get their names in print lol

  2. The last link was irresistible.

  3. He'd have been a bulky boy, Janine lol.

    LOL Andrew ;)