Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28...or so the watch on my wrist says

Pink billiard in the top corner pocket.
No, the other corner.
Oh, alright, the middle one then.
Or...we could manage to bounce off the edge and do a triple twirl about the table before pocketing....nothing.
Guess that means I have to run around the table with my pants down....?

Talented comic and silent film genius Stan "The Man" Taggart was pupped in New Plymouth in New Zealand in 1885.
Click HERE and HERE to learn more about this funny chap.

The deliciously gorgeous Opal was declared to be the National Gem of Oz on this day in 1993.

Talented actress of British theatre and film Marie Lohr was found in the cabbage patch in Sydney in 1880.

The Timaru Herald reported in 1879 that a chap who was secretary to a railway company was shot dead, in Melbourne, by a chap who worked in the Traffic division.
Railways and traffic...forever at loggerheads.


  1. well that made for interesting reading about Stan the man. I don't even recall the hullabaloo in 95. But it did make me laugh. Love reading about these gems of NZ history.

  2. Didn't realise the opal has been the OZ national gem for less than 20 years!! Why didn't they have 'opal giveaway' day when it was proclaimed?? I guess there's still time, shall you tell Julia, or shall I??11