Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29 To turtle or not to turtle, dat is da question

Have you got your vegie beds turned over yet?
Seeds picked?
Compost at the ready?
Moo Poo Tea brewing?
If not...better get it on the go for Spring!

Oh what a jolly afternoon sailing party it was on the Floating Brothel aka the good ship Lady Juliana - a knees up of whores, shoplifters and con-artists aka convicts - which set sail from England to Oz in 1879.

Irish revolutinaries Meagher, O'Brien, Macmanus and O'Donahue were transported in 1849 to the salubrious holiday spot Van Diemen's Land.

Today in 2003 it was announced that the Environment Minister had finally embraced his inner mung bean and had drafted a recovery plan to save Australia's Heroes In a Half Shell Marine Turtles.

Govenor Bourke waved his magic wand, clicked his slippers and passed The Church Act in 1836 which granted religious freedom throughout the Fair Ilse of Oz.


  1. Doing the moo poo now and a bit of phosphate to liven things up. Our soil tends to be sandy and requires lots of compost that is produced over the year, all kitchen waste is added. easy to dig.
    Just dug up the first parsnips this morning. Biguns. Nice feeling.
    Love my veggies. Also a slice of cow now and then. have fun.

  2. Veggie beds turned over?
    Heck, mine are growing stuff already. Little cabbages forming little heads, little cauliflowers forming little heads. Broccoli getting tall and leggy with no sign at all of heads....

  3. Well! 8 years down the track do we actually know if the plan to save Marine Turtles actually worked??