Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30...the days just keep on rolling out one after the other...

The end of yet another month, where does this time fly to?!
Does anyone actually know where the yesterdays go to?
Or time?
It just....vanishes.
Except for those nagging little grey hairs that sprout up everywhere...

Aussie poet Edward Dyson got stuck into The Bulletin debate started by fellow Aussie poets Lawson and Paterson when his poem The Fact of The Matter was published in The Bulletin in 1892.

Mercedes Benz graced our fair shores when Mercedes-Benz Australia Pty Ltd was pupped on this day in 1958 and the production plant at Port Melbourne.

Rush out and get your tickets, quick , there's a fantabulous new theatre airing the new play Jane Shore.
Mind you, you'll have to was for July 30th, 1796...

Jimmy Cook was sailing merrily all over the place, having a lovely time of it, looping around Aotearoa when he opened his secret instructions in 1768.
No, they weren't for him to slip into something frilly and dance the hornpipe around the main mast.
Although they could have been...

Now that I've left you with the mental image of historical Cap James Cook in a frilly housecoat, heels, lippy and pearls waltzing badly about the deck of his ship....have a nice day!


  1. Love the image of the cross dressing Captain Cook. Snickering is a great way to start the day. Thanks.

  2. I reckon time and yesterdays keep on slippin' into the future :-).

  3. Windsmoke is right. Yesterdays get recycled into tomorrows, that's why there's so much dejavu around.

    Everything old is new again.

  4. Minus the heels and lippy, add in a bottle of rum lol