Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31...hang on, *mumbles to self* thirty days hath September...

...April, June and November.
All the rest have 31 except for February which can't count for shit.
Yep, definitely July 31st!

On this day in 1902 the Mt Kembla Colliery experienced an underground explosion which killed 96 men and boys, the explosion being heard up to 7 miles away in Wollongong.

The world's first narrow gauge mainline railway line opened in 1865 with trumpets, fanfare, bunting, ribbons, confetti and unicorns shooting glittery rainbows out their arses at Grandchester, Queensland. may not have been such a party.
But the unicorns were definitely there.

The Champion Jig Dancer of America, Thomas Peel, passed away in Melbourne in 1869 while touring with minstrels in Australia.
Scroll down and read HERE the final days of this talented chap.

The Evening Post, in 1894, related how a letter had been received from a settler in the New Australia settlement in Paraguay; things were not as rosy as everyone had hoped.
In fact, it had all turned to crap in a hurry.
Although their decendants call it home!

And off we go, starting a new month tomorrow, soon to be a new season and before you can blink it'll be Christmas again.
Best start lay-bying those pressies...


  1. Pinch and a Punch Happy New Month for Tomorrow :-).

  2. Talking about Christmas? Wash your mouth out.

  3. Tomorrow starts my birthday month, along with 6 other family members. And about a dozen friends. And Madonna, who shares my birthday, but not my "bingo" arms.

  4. So I have been catching up on google reader and read your previous two posts and had a wee giggle at yesterdays. I always get confused with that damn rhyme about teh days and months lol.

    Ugh at xmas being soon soon. This year seems to be flying past me so quickly. Had a chat to the folks tonight and are coming down this year. We are excited. But the fact I have to make a booking for xmas dinner this week still blows my mind.

    BTW I still have a mental image of Cap James Cook in his heels and lippy.