Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, hai !

Right, so I've been a lazy blogger of late.
Here I am now to bore you to tears with UPDATES and THINGS NOT VERY THRILLING.
Thought you needed the added boost.

I'm vegetarian now, all the way down to soy and rice milk.
Cos the gallbladder was rat-a-tat-tatting at a great rate of knots after each meal.
Ditched the animal products and am getting all Zen with my seaweed laksa soups (with extra chilli and shredded fungus).
Shredded fungus will do it everytime.

Have found the mock abalone to be yum, the vegetarian devon ham not too shabby, oranges by the bucketload 'cleansing' and dandelion tea smells and tastes like I'm drinking a freshly mown lawn.
Cos drinking lawn clippings is always appealing.
Isn't it?

The Feral Aspie kid is home, getting more settled, having a few hiccups now and then but nothing too drastic.
Which is always a good thing as we've run out of plastered walls.
He's still nomming Bambi, Thumper, Flossy and Baa Baa Black Sheeps.
For some reason the shredded fungus isn't doing it for him.


  1. I don't think shredded fungus would do it for me either.
    I applaud your decision though, if this is what is good for you and you are feeling better for it, then kudos. I think about going vegetarian, but my body isn't ready yet. I'm having a tiny steak tonight. It's my first meat for almost a fortnight.
    Oranges give me hives and hurt my teeth.

  2. I love vegetables, and think that I would not mind becoming a vegetarian. However, now that it is me and the Tim, just the two of us, it leaves us in a bit of a dilemna. He hunts you see, and I don't know what I would do with the freezer full of meat if we didn't eat it.

  3. We have one of each in this household. It can be a bit of a pain, but mostly it works OK. Though I would prefer it if he didn't insist on calling my bean curd dishes bean turd.

  4. Oh dear - nothing worse than a cranky gallbladder! (I got rid of mine and I am a happy camper I have to say.) Meat didn't set me off so much as cheese or cream. Or fries. Or cheesils.

    I love vegetarian food too - as long as there is a good steak somewhere in the near future! (You KNEW I'd say that, didn't you!).

    Hope you feel better for the change of diet...