Saturday, July 23, 2011

On July 23 actors, cricket and murder...oh, my!

 Don't you love it when you read some dreadful act a human being has done back in the midsts of time and you think,
"Gee, we're not so bad as all that, after all."
Cos we're still breeding at a phenomenal rate and infesting this planet like a plague of rabbits so there must be something we're doing right.

1902 The police got word that possible suspects in the murder of Constable Guilfoyle were in the Ginninderra district.
It ended in tears.

Actor Vincent Price's Aussie-born actress wife, Coral Browne, was found in a Melbourne cabbage patch on this day in 1913.

The North Otago Times announced that a draw had happened between Australia and Derbyshire in 1896.
What can I say...

The Wanganui Herald stated in 1892 that there was an over-supply of frozen meat in London from New Zealand and Australia.
Mutton dress-ups, anyone....?

The Hawera & Normanby Star reported that the Aussies had beaten Yorkshire by 7 wickets in 1882.
Yes, I take pity on those addicted to ball sports.


  1. Coz Ro tells us so, and that's how we know, history of the day. I love coming here :)

  2. Cricket! Pfft!
    Vincent Price was married? Huh..