Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toasted Mountain Bread Wrap

Feeling as sick as a dog, nasty virus making me sleep hours on the couch while the Feral Teen giggles madly at Cartoon Network in my ear.
Yeah, to tolerate that I'm definitely unwell *snort*

Made these the other day - dead easy, healthy but warming on cold days.
Also makes it easy to take a meal on the run.
Use any filling of choice, this was turkey slices with cranberry sauce, tomato, cheese and lettuce (Feral Teen's food, not mine) I've also used left-over risotto, roast vegies, spag bol, you can use anything.

Do the usual wrap method of folding over then tucking in the sides and rolling for the final fold.
Then spray with a little cooking oil then lightly toast both sides either on a griddle (where you get some funky and fashionable looking tiger stripes) or in a pan on LOW heat.

Go forth and wrap!


  1. hungry now. Methinks we need to run away and I can blog and you can cook.


  2. Yeah - I'll be hanging with Kelley while you make me this for dinner (as I face corned beef for the second time within two weeks as my daughter can make white sauce and likes to think by making it she has "cooked dinner".)

  3. Am, now, curious as to how the phrase "sick as a dog" came about.
    I live with a dog; when she feels that there in something in her (physical) stomach, she vomits.

    have, over time, managed to indicate to her that vomiting on my bedclothes is sort of not comfortable to me .. is a very intelligent canine.

    if and when she needs to vomit .. puts paw on face so can open door, and let her free in the backyard.

  4. o, clarifying, missed a few words.. My dog is not anorexic.

    what i meant to say was that canines eat all sorts of stuff, know what is in their stomach; their stomachs react, soonish.

  5. Sensational!! I'm always amazed at how filling wraps are - when everything's all squished together, they don't look that big.

    Hope you're feeling better soon ...