Thursday, August 11, 2011

11th August this year, next year, last year and forever more on this date

Yes, yes, more babble and blather from the cave dwelling.
The Feral Teen busted his arm a fortnight ago and had to have surgery yesterday to re-break and re-plaster the fractured wing.
And he's off to school.
So....I'll babble and blather and dribble my drivel as much as I can.

And here's the cricket stuff out of the way straight off - Warnie set the record when he took his 600th test wicket in 2005.
Can you hear the sarcasm in my typing...?

In 1904 George Witton was quietly released from gaol in the UK and sent home to Oz.
Why was he in gaol and why was he sent home?
1.He was the 3rd person sentenced to death with Breaker Morant and Peter Handcock.
2.To avoid any public scrutiny of Kitchener.

In 1998 the then-PM (Little) Johnny Howard reckoned the NT was well on the way to finally getting a feather in its cap by changing its title from Territory to State.
But, alas....we aren't there yet.
Sooooo glad I didn't hold my breath for that one...!

On this day in 1973 the infamous Al Grasby uttered the word/s some still spit out with vehemence - The Multi-Cultural Society for the Future.
Those words Multi-Cultural Society kicked The White Oz Policy to the kerb.

And here's the little bluebird of happiness.
Ready to have a poop on someone's shoulder.


  1. A pity that some dinosaurs (other than this dinosaur) would really, really like to see the White Australia Policy revived, cloned, resurrected. A pox on all their houses.

  2. ouch at the feral teen busting his arm and needing surgery. As for Warnie, he looks so so so different now he is with Liz.

  3. Today is a numerical palindrome.


    Warnie who?

  4. Yeah ouch @Feral Teen. This time last year I was in plaster so he has my sympathy- especially since I avoided anything nasty like a re-break.