Monday, August 15, 2011

15th of the month of August

The knee is a little stiff but the bruising is fading and the limp isn't so pronounced.
I may ditch the parrot and eyepatch soon.
Though the wooden leg may stops the dogs from gnawing on my tootsies.

The popular TV series Offspring was dropped off by the production team stork onto Aussie TV screens in 2010.

Australia's very own saint, St Mary MacKillop, took her religious vows on this day in 1867.

In 1975 PM Gough Whitlam transferred the title of land to the Gurindji following the famous Wave Hill walk off in 1966.

The national coal strike in 1949 was ended when Ben Chiefly used military force to break the strike.

The All Blacks first rugby test against Oz was hosted at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1903.

And now let us gaze at this pretty door and pretend the above drivel was actually entertaining.


  1. Glad the knee is improving. I vote for keeping the parrot though. Eyepatch optional.

    Gough did good.

  2. Glad the knee is on the improve. I'm wondering what is behind the door the future perhaps? :-).

  3. Gough did do good, EC :)

    Ta, Windsmoke.
    I hope so!

  4. Good to hear your knee's getting better.

  5. Ben CHIFFLEY was PM when I was born.

    Have you heard Poor bugger me - Gurindji ? great record.

  6. OK, I've been gazing at the door - now what??

    Amazing what disparate events are linked through this day in history! I'm only assuming they were disparate because I couldn't find anything to link all of them while I was staring at the door ...

    Yes, I've had a long day!!!

  7. Thanks, Scott :0

    Bugger, I knew I'd miss-spelled it but my brain wasn't in gear enough to correct it, Ann, lol.
    Yep, I've heard that song, love it.

    The door turns everything into a 3D painting, Red.
    No, it really just steals 10 mins of your life you never get back ;)

  8. The Pirate Captain lost an eye when his parrot shit in his eye.
    He had just returned from the surgeon having his new arm hook fitted.