Thursday, August 18, 2011

18! In August!

Exciting news in the history field...
Tony Robinson is back filming in Newcastle, NSW.
Some new archaeological finds in Tassie have forced historians to rethink/rewrite history.
A new book has been released with the review HERE.

In 2008 a baby whale snuggled up with a yacht after it misplaced its mummy.
Any wonder why foster care is over worked.

The Sydney Bulletin stated in 1894 that the word "bloody" was "the Australian adjective".
So, how the blody hell are you?

In a fabulously fine moment in Aussie horse racing history the Fine Cotton ring-in took place in 1984.
Gee up.

The Evening Post reported that in 1906 a North Fitzroy publican slipped a mere 400 pounds in cash under his pillow.
And was promptly robbed.
By two ne'er do wells.
Ahuh...the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And here's the stickybeak ne'er do well searching out more moolah.


  1. That's a bloody Tenniel bloody Alice is blood that.

  2. Incidentally, your rotating blogosphere globe in the right hand column is showing me as having arrived from Manchester. You should tell them that it's wrong by two counties.