Sunday, August 21, 2011

20th day of the 8th month of the year 2011

Are you behaving?
Having fun in a controlled, calm manner that does not involve food fights, water bombs or short-sheeted beds?

The Australian Federal Police, in 2009, began a war crimes investigation into the killings of the Balibo 5.
Who were Aussie newsmen who were killed.
Back in 1975.
Takes awhile to get these things looked into...

Back in 2005 Marilyn Lake wrote about the Howard History of Oz.
Go read it, just to get an idea of how history is not always carved in stone.

In 1995 The Jewish Museum of Australia was officially opened by the then-Gov Gen Bill Hayden.

Australia and Nauru came to the agreement in 1993 that Oz would pay Nauru A$107 million as compensation for the environmental damage caused by mining of phosphate.
Does Mother Nature accept cheques so easily....?

And if you believe that, you'll believe this is actual evidence that fairies live in cherry trees.


  1. If only Mother Nature did or could accept cheques. Except that I have a nasty feeling that gung ho types would accept that as a reason to do even more damage. Sigh.

  2. Fairies don't live in cherry trees they live under your bed and come out to play when your asleep. There wouldn't be a cheque big enough to pay Mother Nature for all the damage man has caused to her home :-).

  3. When we lived in Merry England we had fairies at the bottom of the garden, who would sing merrily and gaily dance in little circles.
    It came to pass they were absent for two years, on being asked "Why" they replied;
    "We were called up".
    "Army Navy or Airforce"? I asked.
    "Neither of them" said they.
    "Well What then" asked I.
    They replied,

    The National Elf Service