Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1 and I'm tootling about in the garden in a pair of shorts

Now that I've got you pulling the cats' bum face in disgust, let's get on with todays babble on Random Things I Have Plucked Like A Ripe Plum From The Pages Of History.
Impressive, hm?

Having nothing else to do the Parliament of Oz passed legislation to create the Australian National University (ANU).
Cos knitting a jumper was just too much for them.

Flos Greig became the first chickybabe to practice as a lawyer in The Fair Isle of Oz in 1905.
And with a dial like that she'd have impressed the judges and the crims.

Esme Tombleson, high-powered Oz chickybabe and NZ politician who sounds like a really fab person, was found in the tulip garden in Sydney on this day in 1917.

Annnnnnd finally...
Remember Cap Cook in high heels, lippy, gold mesh handbag...?
Well, it seems he, and the crew, were glugging their way into the history books by being the first to sip oh so sedately beer while on the Endeavour.

What have we learned from todays babble?
Yes, that's right.
That Cap Cook was a two pot screamer.
And couldn't sing "I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene at kareoke for all the tea in China.


  1. I'm not too jealous- went paddling at the beach in bare feet yesterday!

  2. Its warm down here to and the cherry blossoms are out one month before spring, the seasons they are a changin' :-).

  3. The beach would turn my toes blue, Kiwi, not quite that warm here yet lol.

    Yep, there's a few blooming in these parts, too, Windsmoke, very early Spring.

  4. Flos Greig was certainly lovely to look at.
    Warm here today too.
    Instead of rugging up and hurrying through the cold to get to work, I took off the beanie and gloves and strolled along casually enjoying the air. It was wonderful. Predawn silence, dark streets, (there's lights but no glare) and warmth. Perfect.

  5. It's perhaps a sad admission but my twelve year old knows Charlene's 'Never been to me' word for word after holidaying on a houseboat with our gay friends a couple of Easters ago!