Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10 filling in time while I doodle about on this damn census form.

And here we are, yet again, pottering about in the pages of history, poking fun and having a cheap laugh at those who have gone before.
Or not, if you find my corny jokes infantile and dull.
*crickets chirping*

In 1883 the West Coast Times reported that the owners of The Bulletin were in strife for libelling a journo.
That could never, ever happen in this day.....*snort*

The Wanganui Herald stated in 1885 that there was small pox in Sydney, a cabbies strike in Melbourne and a lost corvette (a ship not the drool-worthy sports car Prince warbled about) somewhere on the high seas.
They were just a bunch of cheerful chappies.

In 1960 Dr Barbara Moore smuggled 2 turtles and 6 lemons - all Aussie born and bred - through customs into USA.
Then she threw Aussie fruit at customs officials.
As you do....

And, finally, the Taranaki Herald announced in 1890 that, having overcome an illness, the organist was able to play with his organ in the Centennial Hall in Sydney.

Yes, cheap laughs, sniggering up my sleeve, snorting in glee, poking fun at historical figures....can you see why I may have earned my school detentions....?


  1. You could have had my census forms if you'd let me know. We ended up destroying ours for this year, as the whole shebang was cancelled after the February Chch quake....

  2. Your corny jokes are entertaining keep 'em coming :-).

  3. I/We was good and filled out the census form as accurately as we could. Oh, but the temptation ...

  4. Your corny jokes are why I keep coming here...

    I filled out my census form the same day I got it. Posted it this morning, so it doesn't get accidentally lost while moving.

    I should probably go and sweep something now....

  5. Surely if any of your readers found your jokes infantile and dull, they'd stop being your readers??

    The caravan park I'm staying in had its very own census collector - the poor woman earned every cent, based on a few of the 'conversations' she was having with Grey Nomads ...