Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th....pick a year, any year!

Went A over T the other day and promptly landed squarely on my knee...which is battered, bruised and looking like it was used to bash open a dungeon door.
Only seen more colours on an artists palette.
Or the Sunday morning rainbow chunder.

Miss Alison Ashby passed away.
Never heard of her?
Go have a gander at her beautiful smile on her bio page HERE and you'll see what a gloriously lovely lady she was.
Just like the flowers she painted.

According to a chick named Naomi on Twitter...
"August 12 1829 - Perth Western Australia is founded. Over 180 years of developement later, it's still a hole."
The founding was celebrated by attacking a lovely she-oak tree and chopping the poor bloody thing down.
Bizarre creatures, we humans.

I was going to include the cyanide process of gold extraction from this date in 1908.
Except someone uploaded the damn book upside down.
So, don't bother following the link.
Unless you're a trapeze artiste.
And a contortionist.

The North Otago Times reported an odd story of an Adelaide lass who was chloroformed and abducted onto a boat by her former beau.
She woke up on the beach after falling overboard.
Almost like Pamela Ewing finding Bobby in the she dreamt the whole thing...

G'Day, kiddies.
Brush yer teeth, make yer bed and worship yer mudder.
Or I'll rip yer bloody arms orf.


  1. I hope you are ok Jayne, the knee sounds painful.
    You are so descriptive I always ahve a giggle .
    History - lotteries are 80 yrs old this week , I should buy my MIL one ticket she is 80 tomorrow on the 13th. She missed Friday the 13th this year.
    Ps I just discovered your comments in my spam bin so my apologies for being tardy in replying.

  2. Ahhhh! That's where they ended up lol.
    Hope your MIL has a win, Trish ;)

  3. Jayne -- I tried to find some artwork examples of Alison Ashby's Wildflowers of Southern Australia' but no luck. I imagine they are quite beautiful -- barbara