Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17

I've been meaning to tell you for yonks about the Horrible Histories tv series on ABC3 (Australia).
It's been on for an age and it's well into the 3rd series (they're going to start filming the 4th series next month) but it's a good giggle.
The series is based on the Horrible Histories books and does expound on the grotty, revolting and horrible facts in history - like using pee to dye hair red, smearing porridge on the neck of someone with a cold, and other delightfully gross customs, rituals, beliefs and concepts.
It's on about 6.20pm - 6.30pm go check it out for a giggle.
And a great sing along!

Some chappie named Embley was published in the Australian Medical Journal in 1912 for his incisive study on Flatulence and Shock.
As his Wii was on the blink.

The Wanganui Herald in 1896 was telling all that NO ONE had studied the natural history of the tick that was in plague proportions in Queensland.
Because everyone was reading about farting and nasty surprises, der.

The Wellington Independent was sharing the tale of an old lag in Parramatta Gaol in 1871 who reckons he tripped over a pile of (missing explorer) Leichardt's papers in Central Oz.
And he'd be only toooooo happy to recover them.
If he was taken to Northern Oz.
If you can see the flaw in this, please send a letter to the Parramatta Gaol laddies forthwith.

The Daily Southern Cross was bursting with tid bits of chatter, gossip and news galore in 1867; The "White Rose" cleared customs ( a ship not some upstart pop singer), the NSW Govt had refused to allow South Oz sheep to cross the border and the corn market was dull.
Sorry, correction...the corn market was "very dull"
Illegal sheepies and boring cereal...yep.

And here we'll finish up with photographic evidence of the over-population of nursery rhymes by old women who chose to live in discarded footwear.


  1. Love Horrible Histories.
    Did you see the Tudors song?

  2. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
    She had so many children she didn't know what to do...

    Invest in some birth control would probably have been a good idea.

  3. LOL Yep, Scott, we love them here :)

    I suspect the old girl was actually a baby farmer, Brian, and should have known better by her age!

  4. Oh, I wish we have that show here.. I want to learn some gross facts :D