Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19 until midnight

I shall be running away this arvo.
The next few posts will be (hopefully) scheduled to keep you all entertained and out of mischief.
Chatter amongst yourselves and make merry with the absence of supervision.

In 2007 an oil tanker spilt in two...or did it?
And an Aussie senator gave an interview to reassure the public....or did he?
Have a read HERE and find out what was really happening on this date...or did it?

Excitement gripped the Depressed (of the economic type, not the chemical imbalance sort) country of Oz when the Main! Arch! of the Sydney! Harbour! Bridge! joined up at long last.

Even more exciting was when the Burra Charter was officially adopted on this date in 1979.
Why the excitement, you ask?
Because it gave guidelines on the preservation of cultural and heritage places in the sunbronzed land of Oz.

Fisk was the clever clogs who made the first Aussie radio broadcast in 1919.
With the national anthem.
When he could have easily done a few verses of the classic Aussie rock anthem Khe Sanh instead.

Now, take a guess as to what wager this chap lost...?


  1. I did not know what to expect in the Senator interview. As soon as I saw who it was, it made sense. It is interesting that anyone could be possibly think it was serious.

  2. I just the love the bit "the end fell off" *snort*

  3. Love it. And they do 'politicianese' so so well.

  4. Aug 19 1945. Allied fleet sails into Sagami bay prior to being piloted into Tokyo harbour and were greeted by a typhoon.

    Aug 20 1945.Young Japanese Naval officer(The Pilot) Boards flagship the HMS King George V and climbs the Accommodation ladder and is greeted with a full piping party, which would be afforded only to visiting senior officers of foriegn navies, the ships CO and CO's of British ships. The complete look of astonishment on the pilots face was unbelievable who returned the salutes from the piping party at the gangway, he then bowed and was escorted to the bridge. The Americans ships seeing this hurriedly tried to copy this palaver only they used (football) whistles. Americans from one ship replied by Semaphore " There seems to be more bullshit in the Royal Navy than on the prairies of America".

    Note 'The British always do these things properly, I Was There.

  5. Pretty sure Khe Sahn (the song)
    wasn't around in 1919.
    I've been a bit absent myself lately, didn't even schedule any posts. Bad me.

  6. I think the wager that the bloke in the photograph lost was his dignity.

  7. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.