Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2. With bonus camel

Are your bones warming up in the new Spring sunshine?
Have you started counting the little pink flowers on the naturestrips?
Started telling your chooks to stay out of the compost and lay the damn eggs?
Started collecting naval lint...?

In 2009 The Ghan turned 80.
Yet not a sniff of tinea to be had.

Marcus Clarke dropped off the perch at the tender age of 35 in 1881.
Needed to put more water with it.

Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy rocked up to Sydney to have a go at the job of Governor-General in 1846.
Next you know he'll flash his name all over the map of Oz.

In 1883 the Taranaki Herald related the odd tale of a chappie released from prison only to be charged with being "unlawfully at large".
I know some politicians who could be charged with that one...

A gal....at large...unlawfully or otherwise.


  1. spring like weather already "sigh" I am envious. Although I will confess the last few days of welly weather has felt more like spring than winter. Roll on Sept 1. BTW Cap James Cook I am seeing in an all new light and I think the next time I see something in a serious written tone I will literally laugh out loud as I remember your posts. BTW I loved that song by Charlene lol and when I read that my mind went to Priscilla Queen of the Desert and I started wondering which queen Capt James Cook would be lol.

  2. I reckon a lot of politicians should be charged with being incompetently in charge :-).

  3. LOL Janine, I can picture Jimmy Cook atop the bus streaming into the desert with the silver sail flying out behind his frock ;)

    Hear, hear, Windsmoke!

  4. Weather certainly is fantastic lately, but watch out: Mother Nature is fickle. As soon as we become accustomed and start shedding layers and packing away our boots, she'll hit us with thunderstorms and sleet.

  5. Yep, I expect her to turn savage just as she's lulled us into a lovely early Spring, River, lol.

  6. 'Unlawfully at large' sounds like a great little catch-all charge! I can think of whole suburbs to whom that would apply!!!