Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3. Don't look now but it's here again!

Have been experimenting with recipes to make lentil burgers (excellent result) and lentil roast (not bad but needed more flour), mixing Gold Coin Grass with Dandelion Tea (quite nice) and chucking miso paste in with my chilli laksa soup (yum).
What have you been plotting and planning...?

In 1898 it was announced by the Thames Star that a branch of the New Zealand Natives Association was to be formed at the Thames.
Cos they all found World of Warcraft to be totally boring.

A torchlight procession, from Trades Hall to the Yarra River bank, was held in 1936 by the *inhale* Women's Committee of the Victorian Council Against War and Fascism to protest that the Australian defence spending had increased astronomically.
Imagine what they'd need to do in this day...retrofit their eggbeaters with rocket launchers?

At Eva Valley Station in the Northern Territory four hundred Indigenous People met in 1993 to form a national reply to the High Court decision to Native Title.

In 1891 The Ashburton Guardian was trumpeting about
For England!
And how they were trying to find a way to trundle Kiwi spuds over the Seven Seas to the Old Dart.

Obviously this is not what they found to be the answer to their spud issue...


  1. My favourite tea towel message states that it'll be a great day when schools get all the $$ they need & the defence force has to hold a cake sale to get a new fighter (sorry, don't recall the exact wording)!!

  2. Yes!
    I've seen something along those lines, Red, pity it's still just a wish.