Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4...the sun came up...and then went down....again

The lentil roast isn't too bad on tomato relish on toast/dry bikkies.
Slathered in hot English mustard it makes an almost decent roast meat sanga, too.

In the Evening Post of 1919 it was imparted that some chickybabes were being tried for treason against France; declaring their love for Germany they collectively stated they wished to live there, too.
One was a mother of 6...amazing the lengths some will go to for a babysitter.

It ended in tears and burials, and became classed as Australia's worst maritime civil disaster when the emigrant ship the Cataraqui sank off the coast of King Island in Bass Strait in 1845.
Not a title to ever strive for.

In 1826 a chappie in Oz, James Dunlop, having taken up staring at the night sky when he realised he'd never make it in the local roller derby eyeballed Centaurus A.
All the way from Parramatta.

The Timaru Herald reported in 1885 that the Melbourne omnibus drivers on strike had the Clapp had an interview with the manager Mr Clapp.

Photobucket case the obvious wasn't jumping out and biting you on the nose.


  1. Grapes...for the much-needed wine.
    For all of the desperados listed above.

  2. lol love that comment about the grapes. I have loved making soups with the lentils and chickpeas....

  3. I take it the lentil roast isn't palatable without the highly spiced condiments? Guess I won't be trying it then. I don't like lentils anyway. Although red ones are okay in vegetable soup.

  4. I love lentils and chickpeas, Janine :)

    Yep, it is, River, just treat it like roast beef or lamb :)