Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8 ate et and burped

Look here....
Wait, nope I got nothing.
Just the usual.
Possibly might post a recipe shortly.
Just to break the monotony, you know.

In 2007 they were breaking more speed records than waves, and probably going through a fair number of jocks, when a rare albino shark wafted into view.

In 1904 The Colonist mused that "with it's natural riches Australia ought to advance".
Yes....we're still waiting for that to happen ourselves.

The fill-um Picnic At Hanging Rock premiered in South Oz on this day in 1975.
Where you can still hear the faint screech of "Miraaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaa!"

The story which may or may not have had any links to the alien abduction of Kelly Cahill on this day in 1993 in Narre Warren, Victoria.
Possibly not.

This is what happens when young girls ignore the warnings of those 'funny' cigarettes...


  1. lol at warnings and funny cigarettes.And wow 1975 that the film premiered, man thats making me feel old.

  2. 1975? You surely missed by a decade. It was 1985, or 95, says the dinosaur.

  3. I didn't like Picnic At Hanging Rock, not the book, nor the movie. It''s....odd. I read the book, twice to make sure I hadn't missed an important chapter that explained everything, saw the movie, then tossed the book in the bin.

  4. Yep, Janine and EC, makes me feel ancient, too lol.

    River, the 'lost' chapter was published about 20 years ago which explained it all as an alien abduction - this was deleted from the original publication.