Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bridge babble

Today I'm babbling about bridges.
Yes, bridges.
Or, to be more specific, heritage-listed bridges.
That need/have been saved.
Or not.

There's been some cracking progress made on the restoration of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail although a few of the bridges still need attention.
It's ironic that the most TLC has been lavished on these rail trails by garden variety Jow Blow off the street rather than The Powers Wot Ran The Railways in the first place.

Then there's the report on the bridges with a not-so-rosy outlook.
Things are crook when heritage-listed things are falling to bits.

And then there's the Tuena Bridge which is in dire straits.

On the other hand historic Maldon Railway Station was reopened after being rebuilt following a nasty fire that destroyed most of it a few years back.
Goodness, good news at last!

Annnnnd...there was something else I was going to mention but it's slipped my mind for the moment.
Old Timers...it's not so bad, you meet new people everyday.


  1. What about "The Old Rustic Bridge By the Mill"
    Or is that too far back?

  2. Nah!, A bridge too far is further.

  3. During a stint in PNG I picked up a bootleg Elton John cassette (yes, that'll tell just how long ago) with the song list showing a song called 'I wanna kiss the bridge'!! Took me awhile to work it out ...