Friday, August 5, 2011

Everytime I look around it's ...August 5

OK, apologies to OMC for butchering their classic How Bizarre.
You'd know it was butchered if you could have heard my warbling.

In 1908 the world was graced by Harold Holt, the Aussie PM who later drowned swimming in the sea.
The same one we named a swimming pool after.
And coined the phrase "Doing the Harry Holt" rhyming slang to decribe someone bolting (running) away.
Cos we're caring like that.

1998 saw the opening of 5NPY the first Indigenous radio network to service 30 communities throughout South Oz, West Oz and NT.

The Star screeched in 1884 that the fair shores of New Zealand had been sullied by the filthy Small Pox.
Pass the Dettol, Nancy!

The first shot fired in WW1 was shot across the German ship Pfalz in 1914 from Point Nepean only hours after the declaration of war as the ship was trying to slip unobstrusively out through Port Phillip Heads.
To go fix a little bratwurst canape starter for their hosts...

Now, rest your weary tootsies in this chair in it's delightful shade of puce.


  1. [French (couleur) puce, flea (color), puce, from Old French, variant of pulce, flea,

    Perhaps this is why the colour isn't seen much these days. Do you suppose they crushed the insects to make the dye?

    Not really worth thinking about.

    ..and the chair doesn't even look comfortable!

  2. While I knew about the first for WWII, I didn't know the details. We got their ship, haha.

  3. Horrible colour for a chair of such grandeur and workmanship, i'd hate to imagine what colour the house is painted inside :-).

  4. A chair like that (and particularly in that colour) demands floral wallpaper and a crinoline doll in the loo hiding a spare roll of toilet paper and also holding a sign which says 'if you are in trouble, please don't shout, just lift me up and I'll help you out'

    Aaargh. One of our neighbours when I was growing up had almost all of that. Among other monstrosities.

  5. puce. puke. Not so different.

  6. I've often wondered what puce actually looked like, b ut never cared enough to look it up. The chair is ugly. I'd rather a big comfy leather armchair any day.

  7. LOL Elizabeth, I hope the flea crushers were paid by the hour and not the kilo of squished critters ;)

    Scored a bulls eye, Andrew ;)

    So, puce does nothing for your complextion, Windsmoke? lol

    Shall I terrify you even more, EC, by admitting to having one of those dolls in my loo...? LOL

    Aye, it's pretty sharp on the old eyeballs, Deb.

    That sounds much more civilised, River! :)