Saturday, August 6, 2011

La la la la la August 6 la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So, here we are again, dear reader, waffling about in the trough of Oz history.
Pass the pepper, mind the sauce and tuck in.

In 1892 Henry Lawson fired another shot across the bow of The Bulletin Debate with publication of The City Bushman.
All cooked up over a beer with Banjo at a local bar.

The Taranaki Herald reported that while Sydney was bragging about being plague free (yes, I did say plague) in Townsville "a man named Ford has been attacked with plauge (sic)"
Which I assume to be on talking terms with plague.
Or first cousins at the very least.

Somewhere in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne there was a bub pupped on this day in 1855.
(No, I don't know which house, throw a dart and pick one, like the weather forecasters do).
Who went on to become the Governor-General of Oz.
Sir Isaac Isaacs.
The oldest ever bit of underground mutton aka bunny rabbit was caught on this day in Tassie in 1964 (obviously not in a deadly trap) and it lived for a further 18 years and 10.75 months.
Named Flopsy.
Cos it wasn't a Mopsy and Bonds had copyrighted Cottontail.

She's just soooooo impressed with that pile of drivel she's about to pass out.


  1. Isaac Isaacs parents were sadly lacking in imagination. I have to wonder what they called subsequent children. Or a daughter.

  2. I dread to think...Isabella Isaacs? Isis Isaacs? Isolde Isaacs?

  3. Perhaps Mr and Mrs Isaacs hoped their son would be a sea captain, with his crew saluting and saying I I sir!

    18 years and 10.75 months is a heck of a long time for a bunny to live, especially when you add on however many months/years he was when caught.

  4. LOL River, that's a classic!
    I was wondering how old it was to begin with, too!