Sunday, August 7, 2011

On this day in history August 7 is looking very...august.

Pickings were slim for this date.
Unless you wanted to be bored witless with cricket, rugby, football, cricket, cricket and more cricket.
No, I didn't think so.

The Ashburton Guardian was concerned that someone in Aotearoa may have displeased someone in the NSW government.
No need to fret.
We've forgotten all about it.

At 5.20am a Dakota aircraft crashed into Cleveland Bay near Townsville resulting in the deaths of 27 people.
More details HERE.

German naturalist Amalie Dietrich popped over for a tad more than a cup of tea when she rocked up in 1863 to collect birds, beetles, butterflies....and bodies.

In 1884 the Evening Post was discussing the future federation of the West Island aka Oz and asked should New Zealand consider becoming a part of it,too.
Thankfully for the North and South Islands the answer was no.
Cos we're just waiting for them to build the bridge...

"Mother says when I've outgrown chewing my toenails I can lose the birds' nest hair do"


  1. What a little honey Amalie was. And the drawing of her in that link makes her look like a grave robber. Which I guess she was.

  2. She looks like a grave grave robber, EC, which was the done thing in those days sadly :(

  3. Grave robbing: such a grubby job, and there's no day shift, it's all night work....