Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oooo, did you see that? We missed August 13 being a Friday by ONE day!!!

To borrow a phrase from Cazzie....Spooky, Mulder!

In 1906 the Wanganui Herald repeated a distressing,gorey, blood drenched (have you got the warnings yet?) tale of an Afghan chap who did a Lizzie Borden to his missus in Adelaide.
I blame the water in South Oz.

The Western Oz Govt issued a long-overdue apology to former British child migrants, in 1998, who had had to cope with physical,emotional and sexual abuse.
Cos, apparently, while some animals may devour their young, we humans are the only animal who gets a kick from abusing the next generation.

The Wanganui Herald reported, in 1907, that a chappie in Bendigo, who was mildly irked at not having gainful employment, threw a hissy fit and a box of dynamite down a mine shaft.
Yep, that'll really rock a CV.

So, waaaaay back in 2004 (when the 13th did fall on a Friday) the Feds rained on the parade and banned same-sex marriage in Oz.
A year later this date was declared to be a national day of action to protest the pissing contest.
And again 2011 sees the protests continue with rallies, peaceful meetings and illegal weddings.
Everyone loves a wedding; go crash an illegal one this weekend and join in the festivities.
It makes the Feds twitchy.

May all your blooms and bloomers be big, bright and blushing this weekend!


  1. July 13th wasn't a Friday last year. I still managed to break my arm!!!

  2. We really, really need to piss on the Feds about same sex marriage. It isn't when all is said and done as if anyone wants to make it compulsory.

  3. I feel that Friday the 12th was like dodging a bullet.

    Sorry. I do after all live in America.

  4. I'm intrigued now about the friday 13th thing. We usually get two every year, but this year has only one.