Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pulled mah digit outta my sit-upon and...

....have a pile of bable to regurgitate into your pretty lil shell-like ears.
Or eyes.
Or whatever.

In 1851 a pair of Aussies got into a pickle in San much of a pickle, in fact, that they got some individual souvenirs; stretched necks.

The Poverty Bay Herald, in 1883, related how the Agricultural Society's exhibition was opened.
And how NSW Parliament would assemble for the dispatch of business.
Before the Grand Parade or after the judging of the piggy-wiggy-woos...?

1942 saw the enlistment in the RAAF of the only Aboriginal fighter pilot, Leonard Waters.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the recognition of the Australian Antarctic Territory which was proclaimed in 1936.

This is possibly what they used.
Or maybe not.
Although I think I can see Mawson's grafitti in the corner....

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