Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday is brought to you by the number 14 and the letters A.u.g.u.s.t.

Roll up, roll up!
No, nothing to see.
Just thought I'd see who rocked up.

In 1862 the second oldest business in Rockhampton, The Morning Bulletin, got a little hot under the collar when it's original home was burnt down and the presses destroyed.

A year later, in 1863, the first military settler recruiting mission took place in NSW when the New Zealand Government party washed up on the West Island shores.

A few years (plus give or take a century) after that, in 1971, the deadliest tornado to hit Oz killed 3 people in Kin Kin near Noosa, Queensland.
In 1942 Lt General Montgomery visited the Australians at Alamein and requested a Aussie fur slouch hat.
Which he was subsequently given.

Whichever country, there are friendly hands ready.


  1. Today in history is the day my sister and my cousin turn 52. Happy Birthday to them!

  2. I rolled up and grabbed myself some popcorn to read this post and the previous two. How is the knee now???

  3. I rolled up, rolled over and dang near fell out of bed!!

    The Bully burned down, hey? Biggest news story and they couldn't even cover it.

  4. "Aussie" fur slouch hat? Aren't they all made with Aussie fur? I'm not aware they use any other kind. French fur?, Canadian fur?, Dutch fur?...