Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet 16, the August flavour

And here is today's gems from the depths of Oz history....
With a few little colourful rainbows to cheer your day along.

PhotobucketLong serving LGBT community activist Lex Watson made a submission to the NSW Police Dept Inquiry in 1979 where he called for non-discrimination in recruitment to the police force.
And, of course, a better liaison with community groups.

Photobucket1975 saw the first National Homosexual Conference held in Melbourne over August 16 - 17 with 800 people attending.
It was with the full support of the Australian Union of Students (AUS).

PhotobucketAuthor Dennis Altman was pupped on this day in 1943 in good old Sydney.

PhotobucketThe 20th anniversary of the first National Homosexual Conference, 1995, was held in Melbourne (again) and was marked with the launch of an info kit which highlighted the fabulous milestones of gay and lesbian history in the Fair Isle of Oz.

PhotobucketIn 1976 ABBA's famous single Dancing Queen entered the Aussie pop charts where it stayed for 25 weeks.
And it most certainly reached #1.
Of course!


Have a lovely day!


  1. Glad the knee is feeling better, I did giggle at the eye patch and wooden leg comment. I wasn't sure what I thought about Offspring when it showed here but I ended up watching is mid season and found t quirky. What a great ending to series one. What pretty rainbows, now I want to sing somewhere over the rainbow lol I was an ABBA fan in the 70's and remain so now.

  2. I like the stripey cow, I must admit.

  3. my rainbow contribution is the funny signs on a march in the US - one said '3 words to solve the national debt - Gay Bridal Register'.

  4. Mama Mia! LOVING the rainbows ... and isn't it weird that 'Dancing Queen' was the only ABBA song to reach #1 in the US?? Or so I am led to believe ...

  5. I know you're singing Dancing Queen, Janine lol.

    Just as good as your stripey cows interferring with your digs, Brian?

    That's one of my favs, Ann ;)

    LOL Red, played on high rotation in some unis ;)

  6. It was estimated that,95% of the Gay people traveled from inter state to Melbourne. Most with both sets of organs hailed from the tassie interior.
    The organised Quiz Competitions.
    This was when the taswegiens proved that, 'Two heads are better than one'.

  7. They tend to be spotty cows, Jayne...Friesans to be exact...and very dribbly.

  8. LOL Vest.

    Aye, Brian, they need more roughage in their diet...specifically bacon butties.